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Compensation and Benefits Survey

MBA Service Corporation conducts this survey annually to provide data on the pay practices and benefit offerings of community and commercial banks in Michigan.

  • Provides information and guidance for management in making compensation decisions
  • Is very effective when used in conjunction with other information, such as local labor market conditions, the bank’s desired level of competitiveness with the market, the bank’s recruiting experiences, etc.
  • Is the most comprehensive survey of its kind in Michigan and is exclusive to the financial industry

This survey provides information on nearly a hundred specific job titles that are grouped by regions and by bank asset size. Over seventy percent of Michigan FDIC insured institutions provide data to this survey.

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2019 Compensation and Benefits Participation Guide. 2019 Compensation and Benefits Participation Guide.

Outside Directors Survey

This Outside Directors Survey offers key information pertaining to the frequency of annual board and committee meetings, fees paid for various levels of Board services, and benefits available to the outside Directors. Statistics are differentiated by region, bank’s asset size, and number of full-time employees. The mandatory retirement age, year-end bonus, and any absences allowed without change to fees paid are also contained within the survey.

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Consumer Lending Forms

MBA Service Corporation provides consumer lending forms at a competitive price to member banks. The forms are fully compliant with Michigan Lending Law and are kept up-to-date by Warner Norcross & Judd, LLP. Forms are generally purchased by the bank for distribution to their dealers. Forms can be customized and are currently being ordered by a large number of banks across the State.

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