MiBankPAC, the political action committee of your MBA, determines which candidates should receive financial support. Candidates are selected based on their championing and understanding of the banking industry and a vibrant business climate in Michigan. It's time for your voice to be heard.

Our customers and communities depend on the banking industry to fill several critical roles in the economies of the markets we serve.  Only through fair and balanced legislation and regulation can banks best serve their communities and MIBankPAC is by far the best way for Michigan bankers to support the industry.  I’m proud to have the MBA as my advocate in both Lansing and Washington, D.C.”  
Tim Jewell, MBA Chairman, President & CEO of Eaton Federal Savings Bank

MiBankPAC Provides Payroll Deduction!

Invest in the future of banking in Michigan. As bankers, we all need to work together with our legislators to continue improving the banking environment within our state.

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